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Our company was established on 15th of November 1991. From the very beginning, we sell and provide wood-based materials for furniture production and building purposes. Having a 2700 m2 storehouse surface at our disposal makes the task even easier. We cooperate with leading producers of furniture and building boards within our country as well as abroad.

Modern technologies and machines lets us to shape, form and film ordered boards very quickly and precisely. Rich color offer and variety of boards stored in our storehouse will please even the most demanding clients. We have our own vans, which makes the time for door to door delivery to the client even quicker.

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GOLIAT Sp. z o.o.
10-409 OLSZTYN
ul. Lubelska 32d

phone: +48 89 534 60 04
fax: +48 89 532 49 25
GOLIAT Sp. z o.o.
62-800 KALISZ
ul. Wrocławska 48

phone: +48 62 501 51 01
fax: +48 62 501 51 03
NIP 739-35-30-312
Regon 280091860
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